Ancient Diocese of Sarlat

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The French Catholic diocese of Sarlat existed from 1317 to 1801. It was suppressed by the Concordat of 1801. Its territory passed to the diocese of Angoulême.[1]

The seat of the Bishop of Sarlat was at Sarlat Cathedral, in the Dordogne.


The Abbey of Saint-Sauveur of Sarlat, later placed under the patronage of St. Sacerdos, Bishop of Limoges, seems to have existed before the reigns of Pepin the Short and Charlemagne who came there in pilgrimage. They were called its "founders" in a Bull of Pope Eugene III (1153).

About 936 Odo, Abbot of Cluny, was sent to reform the abbey. The abbey was made an episcopal see by Pope John XXII, 13 January 1318.

Among the bishops of Sarlat were Cardinal Niccolò Gaddi[2] (1535–1546) and the preacher Jean de Lingendes (1639–1650).[3]

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