Ancient Theatre of Fourvière

Coordinates: 45°45′35″N 4°49′11″E / 45.75972°N 4.81972°E / 45.75972; 4.81972
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The theatre seen from the north

The Ancient Theatre of Fourvière (French: Théâtre antique de Lyon) is a Roman theatre in Lyon, France. It was built on the hill of Fourvière, which is located in the center of the Roman city.[1] The theatre is part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site protecting the historic center of Lyon.[1]


The theatre was built in two steps: around 15 BC, a theatre with a 90 m (98 yd) diameter was built next to the hill. At the beginning of the 2nd century, the final construction added a last place for the audience. The diameter is 108 m (118 yd), and there were seats for 10,000 people.

Today the theatre is primarily a tourist site, but it is still used as a cultural venue. Each year, the Nuits de Fourvière festival takes place in the theatre.

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45°45′35″N 4°49′11″E / 45.75972°N 4.81972°E / 45.75972; 4.81972