Andekaleka Dam

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Andekaleka Dam
Andekaleka Dam is located in Madagascar
Andekaleka Dam
Location of Andekaleka Dam in Madagascar
Country Madagascar
Location Andekaleka, Analamanga Region
Coordinates 18°47′39.02″S 48°37′09.49″E / 18.7941722°S 48.6193028°E / -18.7941722; 48.6193028Coordinates: 18°47′39.02″S 48°37′09.49″E / 18.7941722°S 48.6193028°E / -18.7941722; 48.6193028
Purpose Power
Status Operational
Construction began 1978
Opening date 1982
Construction cost US$142.1 million
Owner(s) Jirama
Dam and spillways
Type of dam Gravity
Impounds Vohitra River
Height 10 m (33 ft)
Length 125 m (410 ft)
Andekaleka Hydroelectric Power Station
Coordinates 18°48′12.20″S 48°39′20.03″E / 18.8033889°S 48.6555639°E / -18.8033889; 48.6555639
Commission date 1982, 2012
Hydraulic head 235 m (771 ft)
Turbines 2 x 29 MW (39,000 hp), 1 x 33 MW (44,000 hp) Francis-type
Installed capacity 91 MW (122,000 hp)

The Andekaleka Dam is a gravity dam on the Vohitra River near Andekaleka in eastern Madagascar. The primary purpose of the dam is hydroelectric power generation and it diverts water from the Vohitra east into a 4 kilometres (2.5 mi) headrace tunnel where it reaches a 91 megawatts (122,000 hp) underground power station. After water charges the turbine-generators, it travels down a 500 metres (1,600 ft) tailrace tunnel before it reenters the Vohitra River. The drop in elevation between the dam and power station affords a hydraulic head of 235 metres (771 ft).[1][2] The dam and power station were funded by the World Bank at a cost of US$142.1 million. It was constructed between 1978 and 1982.[3] The power station can house up to four generators. The first two were operational in 1982 and a third in 2012.[4]


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