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André Maugars (c. 1580 – c. 1645) was a French viol player. Marin Mersenne and Nicolas Hotman described him as the first French viol virtuoso, in particular, improviser of diminutions.

In about 1620, he went to England and remained there for four years. He was probably in the service of James I of England in his court orchestra. After his return, he published a French translation of the Francis Bacon's letter Advancement of learning (1605). First he worked as a translator at the French court, later for the Cardinal Richelieu. This made him in 1630 the Prior of the Monastery St. Pierre-Eynac in Le Puy-en-Velay. In 1634, he published a translation of another Bacon's letter Considerations Touching on a War with Spain. In 1637 or in the next years, he travelled to Rome. Following this trip, he wrote an open letter published in Paris about his experiences from his Italian trip. This letter is a valuable historical musical testimony about the contemporary Italian church music, oratories and instrumental works in comparison with the French music of the 17th century.

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