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André de Brienne (c. 1135 – 4 October 1189), lord of Ramerupt, was a French nobleman of the Third Crusade.


He arrived in the Holy Land on 28 August 1189 to participate in the Siege of Acre with the first French troops, which he led alongside James of Avesnes, Henry I of Barres and Philip of Dreux. On 4 October that year, Saladin launched a new attack against the crusader army besieging the town. The battle was quickly won by the crusaders, but when they had victory within their grasp the crusaders' camp descended into anarchy and began to flee. André of Brienne, in command of the rearguard, tried to stop the fleeing crusaders and send them back into battle, but he was thrown from his horse. Covered in injuries, his screams of despair did not move his companions, not even his brother Erard, as they fled, leaving him to die there. 7000 other crusaders were also killed in this battle, including Gerard of Ridefort, grandmaster of the Templars.

Family, marriage and issue[edit]

He was the son of Gautier II of Brienne, comte of Brienne and his second wife. The identity of his mother is debated. Some believe her to be Humbeline, the widow of Anseric de Chacenay. Others believe her to be Adèle, the daughter of Jean de Soissons & his wife Aveline de Pierrefonds.[1]

In around 1167 he married Adélais of Trainel-Venisy (daughter of Anseau of Vénisy). They had 5 children :

  • Gautier of Brienne (killed in 1219).
  • Érard of Brienne (c. 1170–1245) lord of Ramerupt and of Vénisy.
  • Elisabeth of Brienne who married Milon lord of Pougy.
  • Agnès of Brienne, who around 1211 married Miles IV lord of Noyers.
  • Ada of Brienne


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