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Andre Garcia is a luxury cigar case brand name. The company is privately held and has offices in U.S and India.


Andre Garcia is a luxury cigar case brand started in 2003 by Abhik Roy from Calcutta India. Until the creation of the Andre Garcia line in 2003, Roy and his artisans toiled in relative anonymity, making cases that carried the brand names of other companies in its factory in Calcutta, India. Roy was the first to introduce a wide variety and style in cigar cases in an otherwise stagnant cigar case market.

Andre Garcia brand's guiding principle was "one size does not fit all". Roy pioneered a spectrum of sizes to accommodate anything from a short trip, for which one might like a solo smoke, to a party, at which one intend to offer cigars to all the guys. Striving for multiplicity, Andre Garcia crafted 1—, 2—, 4—, 5—, 6—, 8—, 10—, 16— and 20—finger cases in various designs, leather grains, dimensions and colors, as well as widths and lengths. As an alternative to typical leather case, from which the top simply slides off the company launched a unique zipper—enclosed top (patent pending) cigar case.

The brand gained popularity only in recent years and received press coverage in several leading cigar journals such as European Cult, Cigar Aficionado, Robb Report, Vintage Luxe, Smoke etc.

In present day, the company produces cigar cases and leather accessories under its private label and also produces cases for other brands.

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