Andrea Bogdani

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Andrea Bogdani
Born ca. 1600
Died 1683
Occupation Catholic priest

Andrea Bogdani (ca. 1600-1683) also known as Ndre Bogdani was an Albanian scholar and prelate of the Roman Catholic Church.

Andrea Bogdani was born in the beginning of the 17th century near Prizren, Ottoman Empire. From 1656 to 1677, when he resigned he served as Archbishop of Skopje, while from 1675 to 1677 he also served as apostolic administrator of Ohrid.[1] His nephew Pjetër Bogdani, one of the best-known writers of early Albanian literature succeeded him as Archbishop of Skopje in 1677. Andrea Bogdani has become known for writing the first Latin-Albanian grammar book.[2] Serbian historian Samardžić criticized Bogdani's works as forgery and revisionism of the Serbian medieval history.[3]

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