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Andrew Amers-Morrison is a British association football coach based in London.

Amers-Morrison founded a soccer community club for youth in London in 2005.[1] In 2009, he received a GG2 Leadership & Diversity Award for his efforts.[2]

In September 2010 he was appointed as manager of the Seychelles national football team. He was appointed after visiting the country on holiday and the Seychellois football officials mistakenly believed him to be Scottish former Manchester City player Andy Morrison.[3]

Suketu Patel, chairman of the Seychelles Football Federation (SFF) conceded "We thought we were getting the real Andy Morrison".[4]

Initially the SFF offered him a two-year contract but reduced it to six months when they realised their error.[5] The SFF sacked him two weeks later without managing a game because they "could no longer be certain if he was still the right person to head the coaching staff of the national team".[6]


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