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Andrew Comiskey is an American conservative Christian political activist and is the founder of Desert Stream Ministries, a former ministry of Exodus International.[1] He has written several books based on his experience with avoiding homosexual relationships and behaviors, and gives seminars to those who wish to be free from such relationships and behaviors.[2] He is considered to be a prominent ex-gay leader,[3] and has appeared as a guest on The 700 Club.[4]


Comiskey started a support group for ex-gays at the Vineyard Santa Monica; with the encouragement of the pastor, Comiskey started his own ex-gay organization called Desert Stream Living Waters Ministries. In 1981, Comiskey became a pastor in the Vineyard Christian Fellowship. Later, Comiskey and Desert Stream would move and become part of Vineyard Anaheim, but this association finished when he moved to Kansas City.[5] In the following years, Comiskey continued his work as a pastor and leader of Desert Stream Living Waters Ministries. Comiskey cites Leanne Payne as a major influence. Comiskey gives seminars on restoring whole relationships and avoiding homosexual relationships and behaviors and has written four books on the subject; Comiskey's Pursuing Sexual Wholeness became one of the most popular books on the topic.[6] Comiskey and his wife now have four children.[7] In April 2011, Comiskey converted to Roman Catholicism.[8] This conversion was controversial among the Protestants that used his material and Living Waters International decided that Comiskey would no longer continue on as a member of the board.


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