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Andrew Heermans (born September 21, 1953 in Mineola, New York), is an American musician. His three brothers and one sister were raised by their parents in Woodstock, New York. He started playing guitar during those years and began performing with bands on a regular basis upon a family move to Boulder, Colorado in 1969. After a brief stint at the University of Colorado, Mr. Heermans returned to regular performing in soul and rock bands and began to record things. With the birth of his son Mr. Heermans and his wife moved to a small house in the country near Hotchkiss, Colorado, where he continued to play, but with country musicians. Upon his return to NYC in 1979, he began playing with various bands and recording in studios in Manhattan. HIs band FUN featuring Sean Doherty, Carlos Alomar, and Aaron Rubin achieved a certain notoriety in NYC and other cities around the world. Beside his work with FUN and other musical incarnations, he continues working as a mastering engineer and producer of musical recordings.

Selected discography[edit]


  • PAX (1996)
  • CHAOS (1997)
  • Andi Christo & The Disciples of FUN (2001)
  • Like Fire Ants (2004)
  • The Shady Patriot (2008)