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Andrew Snoid (born Andrew McLennan) is a New Zealand musician, singer, and songwriter.[1]

He was featured in bands such as The Plague, The Whizz Kids, Blam Blam Blam (briefly), Pop Mechanix,[2][3] The Swingers, and Coconut Rough.[4]

Snoid is best remembered as the writer and singer of the Coconut Rough song Sierra Leone, which was a big domestic hit in 1983, staying in the charts for 17 weeks.[5][6]

Later years[edit]

In 2015, he was fronting his group Andrew McLennan & The Underminers, which included Piri Heihei on guitar and vocals, pianist Michael Larsen formerly with Jan Hellriegel, and on drummer Gary Hunt who had played with the Terrorways[7] and Gary Havoc & The Hurricanes.[8] Andrew McLennan is currently on a "World Tour at Your Place" with "Telling Tales" featuring Stephanie Crawford Kim Gruebner Nick Jones Tracey Collins and guests Mark Bell Dave Bridgman and Geoffrey Chunn[9]


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