Andrzej Hławiczka

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Andrzej Hławiczka
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Andrzej Hławiczka
Born (1866-05-03)3 May 1866
Dzięgielów, Austrian Empire
Died 13 July 1914(1914-07-13) (aged 48)
Teschen, Austria-Hungary
Citizenship Austrian
Occupation Musicologist, educator
Children Karol, musicologist
Jan, geographer
Adam, pastor

Andrzej Hławiczka (3 May 1866 in Dzięgielów - 13 July 1914 in Teschen) was a Polish musicologist, ethnographer, teacher and one of leaders of spiritual revival of Lutheran church in Cieszyn Silesia.

He was a son of a peasant. Andrzej Hławiczka attended a primary school in Puńców and in 1886 graduated from a teachers' seminary in Teschen (Cieszyn). He then taught in Protestant primary schools in Ustroń and Cieszyn and also worked in several other schools. Hławiczka was also active in collecting information about musical life of Cieszyn Silesia, he collected also many folks songs. Hławiczka published articles about regional music and also several song books.

He was father of musicologist and composer Karol Hławiczka; geographer Jan; and pastor Adam.

Song books[edit]

  • Pieśni religijne (1904)
  • Pieśni śląskie i towarzyskie (1905)
  • Śpiewnik szkolny (vol. 1-3) (1901–1914)