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For the Austrian rock'n'roll musician, see Andy Lee Lang.

Andy Lee is a German musician who plays American piano rock 'n' roll music solo or with his backing band Tennessee Rain.[1] In 2012, with other Hannover-based musicians, Lee took part in the release of HerzStücke a fund-raising CD for Hannover's children's hospital.[2]


  • Put Your Cat Clothes On! (Rockhouse, 1992)
  • Good Rockin' Teddy (Grunwald Records, 1994)
  • Wild 'n' Rough - Live with Tennessee Rain (Grunwald Records, 1999)


  1. ^ Blue Suede News - Volumes 46-53 1999- Page 57 "-GMB Andy Lee & Tennessee Rain Wild'n'Rough -Live Grunwald GR CD 9901 To call him Germany's Jerry Lee Lewis wouldn't be too far from the truth - even though he didn't marry his 13-year-old cousin. He's a real nice fellow and I first saw ..."
  2. ^ MHH-Kinderklinik Prominente singen für herzkranke Kinder Nov 16, 2012 - Die Mitglieder der Gute-Laune-Gruppe „Marquess" gehören ebenso dazu wie der Piano-Rocker Andy Lee, Rockurgestein Hannovers Dete Kuhlmann und sein Kumpel Osssy Pfeiffer"

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