Angel of Salvation

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Angel of Salvation
Studio album by Galneryus
Released October 10, 2012
Genre Power metal, Neo-Classical metal, Symphonic metal
Length 1:04:55
Label VAP
Producer Yorimasa Hisatake
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Angel of Salvation

Angel of Salvation is the eighth studio album by the Japanese power metal/neo-classical metal band Galneryus, released on October 10, 2012. The 10-song album featured two songs from the single "Hunting For Your Dream": the titular song and "Temptation Through the Night", the latter which was featured as a "work in progress" version. The full album version of "Angel of Salvation" is Galneryus' longest song to date at 14 minutes and 42 seconds long; twice as long as the song's music video.[1] The song is also the first to feature a guest vocalist in a studio album by Galneryus in Akane Liv from the band LIV MOON.[2] For the album and tour, Syu switched from a Hughes and Kettner amplifier to a Diezel Hagen amplifier and cabinet. This was also shown in the "Angel of Salvation" music video.[3] Syu reverted to his ESP Crying Star Rebel signature guitar for the "Under the Promised Flag Tour" with modifications to the humbuckers.[4][5][6] "Hunting for Your Dream" was used as the second closing theme for the new Hunter × Hunter anime adaptation.[7]

Track listing[edit]

All songs arranged by Galneryus and Yorimasa Hisatake.[8]

No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "Reach to the Sky" Syu, Taka Syu 2:30
2. "The Promised Flag" Syu Syu 6:19
3. "Temptation Through the Night" Sho Yuhki 6:12
4. "Lonely as a Stranger" Sho Syu 5:53
5. "Stand up for the Right" Sho, Taka Syu 6:56
6. "Hunting for Your Dream" Sho Syu 5:24
7. "Lament" Sho Syu 5:14
8. "Infinity" Sho Syu 4:53
9. "Angel of Salvation" Syu Syu 14:42
10. "Longing" (Instrumental) Syu 4:54


  • Syu - Guitar
  • Masatoshi Ono "Sho" - (Vocals)
  • Taka - (Bass)
  • Yuhki - (Keyboards, Hammond Organ)
  • Junichi Satoh - (Drums)

Additional credits[edit]

  • Yasuyuki "Buddy" Hirahara - (Instrumental Technician)
  • AKANE LIV (LIV MOON) - (Female Vocals on Tr. 9)
  • Syu, Sho, Yuhki, Yorimasa Hisatake - (Additional Chorus)
  • Yutaka Kuwase (LOGGIA) - (Art Direction and Design)
  • Shinya Omachi - (Photographer)

Chart performance[edit]

The album reached #15 and #17 on the Billboard Japan Top Albums[9] and Oricon album charts, respectively; the highest of any of their studio albums.[10]