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The 30 reis interpane block of Bull's Eyes, used 1845, that Paulo Comelli bought for Angelo Lima in 1987.[1]

Angelo Lima, was a philatelist who was a specialist in the philately of the Portuguese area.

A collector from a young age, Lima patiently built up his collections until they were strong enough to win the top awards in philately. His display Brazil: 1843-1866 won a Large Gold Medal at Stamp World London 1990.[2] Other awards were the International Grand-Prix at PhilexFrance 89 and the Championship Grand Prix at PhilaNippon 91.[3] When his Brazilian collection was sold by David Feldman in 1993, it was described as "clearly the greatest single collection of Brazil ever formed".[4]

Lima's collection of classic Portugal was sold by Afinsa in 1995 and raised 226m pesetas which was a record for a philatelic auction on the Iberian Peninsula.[5]

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