Anglo Chinese School, Sitiawan

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The Anglo-Chinese School in Sitiawan is the oldest education institution in the Manjung District of Perak, Malaysia.


Founded in 1903 by Rev. B.F. Van Dyke as an orphanage,[citation needed] it was expanded into a full-fledged school by a succession of missionaries. The name Anglo-Chinese School was given to the school by Rev W.E. Horley in 1916, changing the name from Industrial School Sitiawan.

Some of the buildings on the school grounds were built prior to World War II, including the present ACS Primary School Hall and the four classrooms attached to it by a corridor. Construction of the Hall was started in 1931 by Rev D.P. Coole and completed in 1938.

During the Japanese Occupation, the school was used to teach the Japanese Language.

When the school was first started there were four students.