Ania Dykczak

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Ania Dykczak
Born 1977
Other names Anna Piwowarska
Occupation Actor, writer, presenter, historian, radio presenter, children's presenter, television presenter
Years active 2000s-present

Ania Dykczak, also known as Anna Piwowarska (born 1977) is a historian and television presenter, living in London, England and Warsaw, Poland. She speaks and writes in Polish and English.


Ania went to Cambridge University, getting a degree in English literature. During her time at university she met and worked with Fran Beauman. Together, they helped form the "Crazy Horse Theatre Company", which won several awards including The Guardian International Student Drama Award.[1] She and Beauman went into television, writing and presenting programmes for both adults and children, such as the Five series Heroes of History' and CBBC's 'Bring It On'.[2]

Ania currently lives in Warsaw where she works as a writer and producer in radio, film and television.


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