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Animal Icons (2004-2005) is a television show from Animal Planet about animals in popular culture. This program tells us about fictional animals from franchises that include Garfield, Godzilla, King Kong, Batman, Spider-Man and Bugs Bunny.

The episodes for example are:

  • "It Came from Japan" - About Godzilla and all the Giant monsters of Japan
  • "King Kong" - About King Kong the Giant Gorilla
  • "Animated Animals" - About animated animals such as Bugs Bunny
  • "Comic Book Creatures" - About fictional animals in comics like Batman and Spider-Man
  • "Animal on Wheels" - About an auto species
  • "Hollywood Horses" - About among horse
  • "Political Animals" - About animal symbols
  • "Garfield" - About Garfield, one of the world's most famous fictional cats
  • "Jaws" - About the great white shark in the Jaws movies
  • "Christmas Animals" - About fictional animals during Christmas
  • "Star Wars Creatures" - About fictional creatures in the Star Wars universe
  • "Hollywood's Prehistoric Superstars" - About dinosaurs in movies
  • "Primetime Pets" - About animals on Prime time television

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