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Anita Apelthun Sæle (born 13 December 1951) is a Norwegian politician who was a member of the Norwegian parliament from 1993 until 2005, representing the Christian Democratic Party (KrF) and the county of Hordaland. Sæle was among the most conservative members of KrF, and a firm opponent of abortion and gay rights.[1] In foreign policy. Sæle is opposed to Norwegian membership in the European Union, and a firm supporter of Israel.[2] She is married to Finn Jarle Sæle who runs an online Christian newspaper, and they have the son Finn Ørjan Sæle.[3]

In the KrF nomination for parliament ahead of the 2005 parliamentary election, Sæle lost both the top and second spot on the KrF ballot, to Ingebrigt Sørfonn and Laila Dåvøy respectively, in spite of warnings from some members that losing her from the ballot might cost the party conservative voters.[2] After losing the nomination, she was offered a top spot on the Coastal Party's ballot, but declined the offer.[4]

In April 2006, Sæle became the leader of the women's division of the Christian Democratic Party.[5]


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