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Anita Silvers is an American philosopher, interested in medical ethics, bioethics, feminism, disability studies, philosophy of law, and social and political philosophy. Silvers received her B.A. in 1962 from Sarah Lawrence College, and her PhD in Philosophy in 1967 from Johns Hopkins University.[1] She has been in the faculty of San Francisco State University since 1967, where she is currently chair of the Department of Philosophy. In 2010, she was awarded the Quinn Prize from the American Philosophical Association (APA), the first time such an award was granted to a faculty of a non-doctoral granting institution. In 2013, she was awarded the Lebowitz Prize by the American Philosophical Association and The Phi Beta Kappa Society.[2] Among her most influential works is Disability. Difference. Discrimination: Perspectives on Justice in Bioethics and Public Policy, co-authored with David Wasserman and Mary Mahowald (1998).


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  • Anita Silver's page on SFSU's Philosophy Department website. [1]