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Anjalika sinhala film.jpg
Directed byChanna Perera
Produced byMalith Palliyaguruge
Written byMahesh Rathsara[1]
StarringChanna Perera
Pooja Umashankar
Anarkali Akarsha
Music byRohana Weerasinghe
CinematographyJayanth Gunawardhane
Edited byRavindra Guruge
Release date
28 June 2006

Anjalika (Sinhala: අංජලිකා) is a 2006 Sinhala romance film. It was written by Mahesh Rathsara and directed by Channa Perera. The film features Channa Perera, Pooja and Anarkali Akarsha in the leading roles while Rex Kodippili, and Sanath Gunathilake play key supporting roles. It was produced by Malith Palliyaguruge, the film had music scored by Rohana Weerasinghe.[2] It was released in June 2006 to good reviews and good box office. This was Pooja's first Sinhala film.[3][4] It is the 1073rd Sri Lankan film in the Sinhala cinema.[5]


A young man named Thivanka returns home to Sri Lanka from England to fall in love with a village girl named Anjalika. This proves to be problematic for Thivanka, as Anjalika is the daughter of a plantation caretaker employed by Thivanka's father. Thivanka's childhood friend, Kavya is in love with Thivanka and wants to marry him. The inevitable clash of rich and poor ends in the kidnapping and subsequent death of Anjalika. Thivanka, reeling from grief, decides to accompany a friend to Malaysia to clear his mind.

While there, he meets a girl named Uttara who is identical to Anjalika. He eventually learns that the girl is Anjalika, and her death was faked by his father, Clifford, who mistakenly thought he was Anjalika's biological father, and that he therefore needed to stop the marriage between Thivanka and Anjalika. Finally, Thivanka and Anjalika marry while Kavya marries Thivanka's friend Gagana.



The film opened to good reviews. Chamitha Kuruppu of the Sunday Observer online edition was very complimentary towards Pooja: "All the credit goes to pretty Pooja Umashankar from India who portrays the title character Anjalika. The film will no doubt be a commercial hit, thanks to Pooja's brilliant acting, superb dancing skills and of course her gorgeous looks. Young Pooja's performance as mischievous Anjalika living a carefree life hanging around with children in a village, deserves all the praise. Applause to you Channa for your sweet and worthy 'introduction' to the Sinhala cinema!"

"Anjalika will definitely be a commercial hit, thanks to lovely Pooja, breathtaking sceneries(sic) and Rohana Weerasinghe's brilliant music. There is no doubt that Sri Lankan film lovers will welcome Pooja with warm hearts and adore her performance. In simple words, Pooja has stolen the limelight.


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