Ankaralı Turgut

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Ankaralı Turgut is one of the oldest and most popular singers from the "Ankaralı" (English: from Ankara) school of Turkish ethnic music.[1][2] He started his career in early 1990s and his then-provocative music stirred controversy in Turkey.[verification needed] With the impact of popular music culture on Turkey, most regional singers of Ankara turned towards a new kind of novelty music, which puts into music the sexuality and black humor involved in daily life.


  • Yakalarsam Tık TıkIf I Catch Her, Knock Knock
  • Ben Karı İsterim BaboDaddy, I Want a Woman!
  • Ver Diyom VermiyoI Say "Give It to Me", but She Says "No"
  • Ankara'nın GülleriRoses of Ankara (feat. Ankaralı Yasemin)
  • TurgutçaIn Turgut's Language
  • Dah Diri Dom Annene DiyiverecemI'll Tell Your Mother, 'Dah Diri Dom'
  • ParaMoney