Ann Catley

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Ann Catley
Ann Catley.jpg
Portrait of Ann Catley at the age of thirty
Background information
Died October 14, 1789(1789-10-14)

Ann Catley (1745–1789), also known as Ann Lascelles, was an English singer and actress. She took the name Lascelles from Lieutenant-Colonel Francis Lascelles (1744–1799), with whom she had a long relationship but to whom she was never married. In her will she left her property to their eight surviving children.[1]

She was born near Tower Hill, London, and apprenticed aged 15 to William Bates, a composer and singing teacher.[1]

She performed many roles on the London and Dublin stage, until 1782.[1]

She spent her last years living at Little Ealing and died on 14 October 1789.[1]

John O'Keeffe wrote of her: "she was one of the most beautiful women I ever saw: the expression of her eyes, and the smiles and dimples that played round her lips and cheeks, enchanting".[1]


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