Anna Bartlett Warner

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Anna Bartlett Warner
Anna Bartlett Warner (1824-1915).png
Born(1827-08-31)August 31, 1827
Long Island, New York
DiedJanuary 22, 1915(1915-01-22) (aged 87)
Highland Falls, New York
Resting placeUnited States Military Academy in West Point, New York
Pen nameAmy Lothrop

Anna Bartlett Warner (August 31, 1827 – January 22, 1915) was an American writer, the author of several books, and of poems set to music as hymns and religious songs for children. She was born on Long Island and died in Highland Falls, New York.

The best known of the hymns is almost certainly "Jesus Loves Me"; however some stanzas of this appear in modern hymnals rewritten by David Rutherford McGuire.

She wrote some books jointly with her sister Susan Warner (Elizabeth Wetherell) which included Wych Hazel (1853), Mr. Rutherford's Children (1855) and The Hills of the Shatemuc (1856).[1] She sometimes wrote under the pseudonym Amy Lothrop. She wrote thirty-one novels on her own, the most popular of which was Dollars and Cents (1852), Others were Gold of Chickaree, In West Point Colors (1904), Stories of Blackberry Hollow and Stories of Vinegar Hill (1872).[1] She also wrote a biography of her sister Susan.[2]

Her former family home is now a museum on the grounds of The United States Military Academy [1] which was opposite the house during her lifetime and where her uncle had been chaplain from 1828–1838.[2] The Constitution Island Association have worked hard to maintain the house and restore the gardens so that they are similar to their appearance in Anna Warner's lifetime, following her month-by-month descriptions of life on Constitution Island, as written in Gardening by Myself.


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