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Anna Cabot Lowell (born in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1819; died in Cambridge, Massachusetts, 7 January 1874) was a United States writer.[1]


She was the wife of Charles Russell Lowell, Jr., son of Charles Russell Lowell, Sr. Her maiden name was Jackson. She was the mother of Civil War General Charles Russell Lowell.[1]


Her published works are:[1]

  • Theory of Teaching (Boston, 1841)
  • Edward's First Lessons in Grammar (1843)
  • Gleanings from the Poets, for Home and School (1843)
  • Edward's First Lessons in Geometry (1844)
  • Olympic Games (1845)
  • Outlines of Astronomy, or the World as it Appears (1850)
  • Letters to Madame Pulksky, by an American Lady (1852)
  • Thoughts on the Education of Girls (1853)
  • Seed-Grain for Thought and Discussion (1856)
  • Posies for Children, a Book of Verses (1870)


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