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Annan (film)

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Title card
Directed byAnu Mohan
Written byAnu Mohan
Produced byT. Seenuvasan
CinematographyT. Damodaran
Edited byB. Krishnakumar
Music byIlaiyaraaja
Myson Pictures
Release date
  • 29 March 1999 (1999-03-29)
Running time
145 minutes

Annan (transl. Elder brother) is a 1999 Indian Tamil language drama film directed by Anu Mohan. The film stars Ramarajan and Swathi, with Manivannan, R. Sundarrajan, newcomers Vaasan & Apoorva, Vadivukkarasi and Ponvannan playing supporting roles. It was released on 29 March 1999.[1][2]



Velan (Ramarajan) is the manager of the village market and is a respected man. He loves dearly his only sister Lakshmi (Apoorva) who is the village's school teacher. Sundari (Swathi) and her father (R. Sundarrajan) come to Velan's village. Velan and Sundari fall in love with each other whereas Lakshmi and the rural development officer Selvam (Vaasan) fall in love with each other. In the meantime, Velan and the village chief Rasappan (Manivannan) decide to arrange the marriage between Lakshmi and the wicked Rasappan's son Manikkam (Ponvannan). One day, Selvam breaks the village's rule and he is beaten at the village court. Lakshmi finally reveals the love between them and they get married. Selvam is not a rural development officer but a police officer who urges to arrest Velan. In the past, Velan killed a local rowdy who was, in fact, Selvam's father. Selvam arrests Velan and Velan is sent to jail. Manikkam becomes the new manager of the village market. Without sufficient evidence, the court releases Velan and he comes back to his village. Now, Velan has to face Selvam and Manikkam. What transpires later forms the crux of the story.





The soundtrack was composed by Ilaiyaraaja.[3]

Track list
1."Aalamarathu Kuyile"ArivumathiIlaiyaraaja, Sujatha5:02
2."Kanmanikku Vazhthu" (Female)KamakodiyanBhavatharini4:24
3."Kanmanikku Vazhthu" (Male)KamakodiyanIlaiyaraaja4:24
4."Vayasu Pulla Vayasu Pulla"ArivumathiIlaiyaraaja, Sujatha5:08
5."Otha Roobavukku Oru"Mu. MethaSwarnalatha, Arunmozhi5:00
6."Kutti Nalla Kutti"Gangai AmaranArunmozhi5:03
Total length:29:01


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