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Anne Fairbairn, (B'ody, née Reid, born 1928) Member of the Order of Australia[1] is a widely published Australian poet,[2] journalist[3] and expert in Arab culture.[4] She is the only granddaughter of Australia's fourth Prime Minister, George Reid.[5]

In 1965, she married Geoffrey Forrester Fairbairn,[6] a Professor in the Department of History at the Australian National University.[2] Geoffrey died in London of lung cancer on 11 September 1980.[7] Fairbairn has been known for her work in bringing together Australian and Arab cultures for over 30 years through poetry.[8]

In 1995, she was awarded the Banjo Paterson Writing Award for Open Poetry.[1] This was followed by the Order of Australia in 1998 for services to literature and international relations between Australia and the Middle East.[1]


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