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Annis Lee Furness Wister (9 October 1830, Philadelphia - 15 November 1908, Philadelphia) was a translator who resided in the United States. She specialized in translations from German to English.


She was the daughter of the Rev. William H. Furness, by whom she was educated. Early in life, she began to translate stories from German. She married Dr. Caspar Wister in 1854. He was a descendant of Caspar Wistar, a glassmaker who came to the United States in 1717. Dr. Wister died in 1888. Annis Lee Wister made many translations of note. Her translations were issued in a uniform edition of 30 volumes in 1888.


Among her translations are:

With Frederic Henry Hedge, she published Metrical Translations and Poems (1888).



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