Annunciation of Fano

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Annunciation of Fano
Pietro Perugino cat23.jpg
Artist Pietro Perugino
Year c. 1488–1490
Type Oil on panel
Dimensions 212 cm × 172 cm (83 in × 68 in)
Location Church of Santa Maria Nuova, Fano

Annunciation of Fano is a painting by the Italian Renaissance artist Pietro Perugino, executed around 1488-1490, and housed in the church of Santa Maria Nuova, Fano, central Italy.

The work was successful, and a few years later he was commissioned to paint an altarpiece for the same church, the Fano Altarpiece.


The painting is set within a four bay portico, a common element in Perugino's paintings from the 1480s (as, for example, in the Albani-Torlonia Polyptych and the Pietà). Behind it, is a background with hills featuring light trees.

In the foreground is the Annunciation, lit from the left. The angel, holding a white lily (symbol of purity), announces that she will bear Jesus; Mary, who was previously reading a book on a classical altar in front of her, has a surprised face. Behind them, in the upper center, is God in an oval with cherubim and seraphim, sending the Holy Spirit (portrayed as a dove) to her.


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