Anonymous Rex (novel)

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Anonymous Rex
Anonymous Rex book cover.jpg
GenreComedy, hardboiled, mystery, science fiction
Preceded byCasual Rex 
Followed byHot and Sweaty Rex 

Anonymous Rex is a novel by Eric Garcia. Released in 2000, the novel is told from the perspective of Vincent Rubio, a Velociraptor private investigator in a world of dinosaurs who integrate themselves into modern society by wearing latex costumes to appear humanoid.

The novel was followed by a prequel, Casual Rex, released in 2002, and a sequel, Hot and Sweaty Rex, released in 2004. Casual Rex served as the basis for a television pilot, Anonymous Rex, released as a TV movie in 2004.


January magazine called Anonymous Rex a "fast-paced, often very funny fantasy-cum-detective story".[1] The A.V. Club writer Keith Phipps wrote, "ridiculous it is, though still a pleasurable read. Anyone waiting for dino-noir to finally hit bookshelves need wait no longer."[2] Entertainment Weekly gave the novel an A, writing, "Witty, fast-paced detective work makes for a good mystery, but the story's sly, seamlessly conceived dinosaur underworld contains all the elements of a cult classic."[3] BookPage called the novel "stylish, witty, and fast-paced."[4]


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