Antónia Zichy

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Antónia Zichy
Zichy Antónia Barabás.jpg
Born 14 July 1816
Cziffer, Kingdom of Hungary, Austrian Empire
(today: Cífer, Slovakia)
Died 25 September 1888 (aged 72)
Dáka, Austria-Hungary
Spouse(s) Lajos Batthyány
Children Amália, Ilona and Elemér
Parent(s) Count Károly Zichy de Zich et Vásonkeő
Countess Antónia Batthyány de Németújvár

Countess Antónia Zichy de Zich et Vásonkeő (14 July 1816 – 25 September 1888) was a Hungarian noblewoman and wife of Lajos Batthyány who served as Prime Minister of Hungary during the Hungarian Revolution of 1848. They married on 4 December 1834.