António de Araújo e Azevedo, 1st Count of Barca

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His Excellency
The Count of Barca
Antonio de Azevedo.jpg
Personal details
Born 14 May 1754
Ponte de Lima, Kingdom of Portugal
Died 21 July 1817
Rio de Janeiro, United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and the Algarves
Occupation Politician
Religion Roman Catholic

D. António de Araújo e Azevedo, 1st Count of Barca (14 May 1754 – 21 July 1817) was a Portuguese statesman, author and amateur botanist.


After cooperating in the establishment of the Academia de Ciências (Academy of Sciences) at Lisbon, he represented his government in Holland, France, Prussia, and Russia.

He was first minister of John VI of Portugal, whom he followed when the Portuguese Court was transferred to the colony of Brazil in 1807. There he was minister of the navy and foreign minister, and took great interest in promoting education and industry, having established the manufacture of porcelain in Rio de Janeiro.


He conducted scientific studies and experiments in his own palace and private botanical garden, as well as the first trials for the acclimatization and culture of the tea-plant in Brazil. Later in life, he was the founder of Brazil's first school of fine arts.

As an author, his works include two tragedies and a translation of Virgil's pastorals.


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