Antanas Purėnas

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Antanas Purėnas (16 February 1881 - 5 November 1962) was a famous Lithuanian organic chemist and politician.


Antanas was born in Tatkonys, Kupiškis, Lithuania (then Empire of Russia). After completing Liepaja gymnasium, he was studying in Tartu in 1902-1904 and in Saint Petersburg from which he graduated in 1912.

Scientific career[edit]

Since 1951 he had been the professor of Kaunas Polytechnic Institute.

Politician career[edit]

Purėnas participated in revolution held in 1905-1907, therefore he was prosecuted by the police. In 1918 he joined LSDP, Lithuanian teachers union and teachers association "Naujoji mokykla". In 1920 he was a delegate of LSDP in Constituent Assembly of Lithuania, Chairman of educational committee.