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Antar may refer to:


  • Antarah ibn Shaddad, a 6th-century pre-Islamic Arab warrior and poet
    • Antar (Rimsky-Korsakov) (1868), symphonic suite by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, inspired by the story of Antarah ibn Shaddad
    • Antar (1912–14), opera by Gabriel Dupont
    • Antar (1948), opera by Egyptian composer Aziz El-Shawan opera in Arabic, based on the life of Antarah ibn Shaddad
    • Thornycroft Antar, British tractor unit used by the military and in oilfields, developed in the late 1940s, named after Antarah ibn Shaddad


  • Antar, Arabic masculine given name popular in Algeria
  • Antar, surname
    • Eddie Antar, owner of the Crazy Eddie chain of electronics stores
    • Faisal Antar is a Sierra Leonean born Lebanese footballer who plays for Lebanese club Al-Mabarrah
    • Roda Antar (brother of Faisal) is a Sierra Leonean born Lebanese footballer who plays for German club FC Köln
  • Antar (company), former French petroleum company
  • Antar (company), Music art-direction and management company based in Suffolk, UK
  • Antar (company), headwear manufacturer based in Moscow, Russia


  • Antares, the star that marks the heart of the Scorpio constellation and which some have speculated to have been named after Antarah ibn Shaddad.
  • Antar is the name of a planet in the Star Wars franchise
  • Antar is the name of the home planet of the aliens in the book series Roswell High and the television show, Roswell



  • Antar the Black Knight, a 5 episode comic series written by Nnedi Okorafor, and distributed through IDW Publishing debuts on April 25th, 2018