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Anthony Mascolo
Origin London, United Kingdom

Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director of INFRINGE

International Creative Director of TIGI

Anthony Mascolo (born 1957) is an award-winning hairdresser and International Creative Director of TIGI. He has led a Creative Team for over 30 years and demonstrated his ideas and techniques to hairdressers around the globe. Anthony Mascolo has won the title "British Hairdresser of the Year" three times.

In 2016 Anthony Mascolo and his wife Pat Mascolo launched an online magazine dedicated to hair:

Infringe is an online platform dedicated to the culture of hair, explored through a blend of art, culture and fashion. Here, we hope to examine the different perceptions of hair, why some hair is considered beautiful or desirable, while some hair remains taboo.

Infringe is about celebrating the world of hair creatives in the broadest sense. We cast a focus on anyone working with hair, across different creative disciplines. From the hairdressers, barbers and wigmakers using it as a medium for their craft, to the photographers capturing hair culture across the globe. The artists, activists and writers challenging perceptions of hair and its role in shaping our sense of identity.

Early years[edit]

Mascolo was born in London, the son of Italian immigrants, Francesco and Maria Mascolo. The youngest of five brothers, four of which were to become hairdressers, Anthony cannot remember ever thinking of doing anything else except joining the family hairdressing business. By the time he left school he was a competent and fully qualified hairdresser. His first job was in the family’s Toni&Guy salon in South London, where his father and brother Bruno, also worked. By the time the Mascolo brothers opened their first central London salon in 1974, Anthony was already a highly creative hairdresser working on photographic shoots with top photographers.

The first artistic team[edit]

During the 1970s several companies were exploring the new concept of hair shows and the Mascolo brothers were invited to present their work. Their talent for stage presentation work was soon spotted and by the time Anthony had turned twenty, he was regularly travelling with his team, to Europe, Japan, USA, Canada and Australia. By the early 1980s Anthony had begun experimenting with photography. At the same time his wife Pat began learning make-up and the couple soon became a formidable creative force. During his 35-year career Anthony has created many memorable photographic collections, as well as creating step-by-step educational books linking his photo collections with supportive DVD training programmes.


Over the years Anthony’s work has won him many accolades. At 18 he won his first and very apt award for: “The most promising hairdresser”.

Year Award Website
1988 British Hairdresser of the Year British Hairdressing Awards
1990 British Hairdresser of the Year British Hairdressing Awards
1990 Avant-Garde Hairdresser of the Year
1990 London Hairdresser of the Year
1990s British Fellowship Hairdresser of the Year
1990s Image of the Year
1990s Lifetime Achievement Award
1995 British Hairdresser of the Year British Hairdressing Awards

Education and training[edit]

Anthony believes training is important to team development, and that sharing new ideas with others drives his own work forwards. This strong philosophy of sharing ideas has been important in the development of TIGI educational and training programmes for the International Creative Team.

Anthony & the creative team[edit]

In 2002 when TIGI demerged from its parent company, Anthony became International Creative Director of TIGI. With his wife Pat he opened Bed Head Photographic Studios, in Battersea, London. At the same time he founded the TIGI International Creative Team and was joined by Nick Irwin and Akos Bodi, as European Creative Director and European Education Director respectively. Within three years the established international team opened the TIGI Creative Academy, also in London.

In April 2009 TIGI’s global operation was acquired by Unilever. Anthony Mascolo has been retained as a creative consultant to work closely with Unilever on the global company and brand expansion, and to advise on the professional hairdressing marketplace.


Anthony takes influence from many areas – film, art, fashion, music and the street. He claims that one of his greatest inspirations comes from the raw ideas of young people. Crucially though, it is those closest to him – his family and his team, who draw out his ever-expanding ideas and push his work forward.

A family man[edit]

Anthony has been married to Pat Mascolo for 24 years and they have 3 children: Georgina, 25, Alexandra, 19 and Joshua 15. Anthony is a huge supporter of Chelsea football team. He loves sports, his favourite being skiing.

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