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Anthony Mascolo
BornApril 27 1957
London, England
OccupationEditor-in-chief, INFRINGE
Creative director of TIGI
Known for3-tme winner of "British Hairdresser of the Year"
Spouse(s)Pat Mascolo
Parent(s)Francesco and Maria Mascolo
RelativesToni Mascolo (brother)

Anthony Mascolo (born April 27 1957) is a hairdresser and international creative director of TIGI, a hair care product business.[1] He has won the title "British Hairdresser of the Year" three times.[2]

In 2016, Mascolo and his wife Pat launched an online magazine dedicated to hair,[citation needed]

Early years[edit]

Mascolo was born in London, the son of Italian immigrants, Francesco and Maria Mascolo, the youngest of five brothers, four of whom were to become hairdressers. By the time he left school he was a competent and fully qualified hairdresser. His first job was in the family's Toni & Guy salon in South London, where his father and brother Bruno also worked. Anthony specialised in hairdressing for photographic shoots, and became a photographer himself.[2]


Over the years Anthony's work has won him many accolades. At 18 he won his first award for: "Most promising hairdresser".

Year Award Website
1988 British Hairdresser of the Year British Hairdressing Awards
1990 British Hairdresser of the Year British Hairdressing Awards
1990 Avant-Garde Hairdresser of the Year
1990 London Hairdresser of the Year
1990s British Fellowship Hairdresser of the Year
1990s Image of the Year
1990s Lifetime Achievement Award
1995 British Hairdresser of the Year British Hairdressing Awards


In 2002 when TIGI demerged from its parent company Toni & Guy,[3] Anthony became international creative director . With his wife Pat he opened Bed Head Photographic Studios, in Battersea, London, and founded the TIGI international creative team, and was joined by Nick Irwin and Akos Bodi, as European creative director and European education director respectively. Within three years they opened the TIGI Creative Academy in London.[citation needed]

In April 2009 TIGI's global operation was acquired by Unilever. Mascolo has been retained as a creative consultant.[citation needed]

Personal life[edit]

Anthony married his wife Pat in 1986.[3] They have 3 children: Georgina, Alexandra, and Joshua.[4] His favourite pastime is skiing.[5]


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