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Anthony Shetler (born November 15, 1982) is a professional skateboarder who, as of September 2012, is sponsored by World Industries.[1]

Early life[edit]

Anthony Joseph Shetler was born in Brockton, Massachusetts in the United States, to Lisa Marie Oliver and Elwood Reginald Shetler.

Shetler started skateboarding in Raymond, New Hampshire with his friend Dale Raymond. He then moved to Massachusetts where he would grow a deep relationship with the skateshop Solstice helping him to get his first sponsorship with 5boro skateboards. He now owns a skateboard apparel company by the name of All I Need. He partners up with 88 Eyewear in fall of 2013 to make a limited edition line of sunglasses.


Shetler has appeared in numerous skateboard magazines, including Focus,[2] Skateboarder, Transworld Skateboarding,[3] Thrasher,[4] etc.

A wide variety of online magazines, stores, skateshops, skate companies also host interviews and photos of Shetler: AlliSports,[5] Skate Park of Tampa,[6] SkateboardREV, and[7] True Skateboard Magazine,[8] and ESPN.[9]

An interview with Shetler aired on the action sports channel, FuelTV.[10]

Sponsors (2011)[edit]

Video parts[edit]

  • EZ Pass Vacation (2002)[16]
  • Surviving the Times(2008)[17]
  • All I Need (2008)[18]
  • State of Mind (2009)[19]
  • It's Your World (2011)[20]

Video game appearances[edit]

Shetler is an unlockable character in the Tony Hawk series of video games.

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