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Anthony W. Norman
BornJanuary 1938 (1938-01) (age 81)
Ames, IA
Alma materOberlin College B.S. - 1959, University of Wisconsin, Madison M.S - 1961 - Ph.D - 1963
Known forVitamin D
Spouse(s)Dr. Helen Henry
Scientific career
Fieldsbiochemistry, biomedical science, Vitamin D
InstitutionsUniversity of California, Riverside, University of California, Los Angeles, University of Utrecht, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, University of California, San Francisco
Doctoral advisorDr. H.F. Deluca

Anthony W. Norman is a distinguished professor emeritus of biochemistry and biomedical sciences at the University of California, Riverside and one of the world's foremost experts on vitamin D.

Vitamin D Research[edit]

Formally stated, Norman's research is the "mechanism of action of the steroid hormone 1,25(OH)2-vitamin D3; vitamin D structure-function relationships, actions of the vitamin D receptor (VDR)."[1]

In 1967, Norman's lab discovered that vitamin D is converted into a steroid hormone by the body. In 1969 he determined that vitamin D receptors (VDR) were present in the intestine.[2]

In 1971 the Norman laboratory reported the chemical structure of the steroid hormone to be 1∂,25(OH)2Vitamin D3.[3]

In 1972, Norman in collaboration with Dr. Jack Coburn at the UCLA medical school treated the first uremic patients with the steroid hormone, produced in the Norman laboratory.[4]

In 2008, Norman and Dr. Cedric Garland of UC San Diego made the recommendation that the daily intake of vitamin D for adults be revised to 2000 international units.[5]

Selected honors and awards[edit]

  • Presidential Chair, Biochemistry Department, UCR 7/1/99 - 2009
  • Graduate Student Mentor Award, UCR, June 2005
  • Fellow of American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1995
  • William F. Neuman Award, American Society for Bone and Mineral Research, 1995
  • MERIT Award from National Institutes of Health, 1986-1993 (standard award period is five years)
  • Osborne & Mendel Award, American Institute of Nutrition, 1990
  • Faculty Research Lecturer, University of California, Riverside, 1982
  • Prix Andre Lichtwitz, INSERM, Paris, France, 1981
  • Ernst Oppenheimer Award, Endocrine Society, 1977
  • Mead Johnson Award, American Institute of Nutrition, 1977
  • Fulbright Fellowship, 1970/71[6]

Other Notes[edit]

  • Served as the chair of the UCR Department of Biochemistry, July 1976 - June 1981
  • Served as dean of UCR Biomedical Sciences Program, July 1986 - Sept. 1991.
  • Served as the chair of the UCR Faculty Academic Senate from Sept. 2008 through August 2010.[7]
  • Served as the faculty athletic representative for the UC Riverside Athletics Department through Sept. 2010.[8]
  • Was principal organizer of 14 triennial international Vitamin D Workshops.[9]


Through May, 2011, Norman had been credited with over 800 scientific publications dating back to 1959.[10]

Selected Memberships[edit]


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External links[edit]

  • "On Becoming a Molecular Endocrinologist", Steroids 66 (2001) p. 129 [3]
  • Vitamin D Workshop [4]