Antigoni Douka

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Antigoni Douka
Αντιγόνη Δούκα
First appearance Episode 1
September 8, 2005
Last appearance Episode 700
May 30, 2008
Created by Vana Dimitriou
Portrayed by Adamantia Kontogiorgi
Gender Female
Occupation Former Manager of Antigoni Resort Group
Former Manager of Stefanos Pharmaceuticals
Family Myrtle Anagnostou (mother)
Stefanos Doukas (father)
Vera Douka (step-mother, deceased)
Hector Anagnostou (step-father)
Renos Doukas (brother)
Pavlos Doukas (brother)
Eva Anagnostou (half-sister)
Andreas Argiriou (adoptive half-brother)
Christina Douka (sister-in-law)
Spouse(s) Alexandros Mavrakis (ex-husband)
Relatives Thalia (maternal aunt)
Religion Greek Orthodox
Nationality Greece Greek

Antigoni Douka (previously Mavrakis) is a fictional character on the ANT1 television series Erotas, played by Adamantia Kontogiorgi.


She is the villain of the series. She was the most important character to the show's development, and many of the storylines resulted from, or revolved around her character's actions in some way. She was kidnapped by Vera Douka, and raised in the care of her mother in London at the age of four years, after witnessing her parents in a physical fight. She suffered psychological damage as a result, never being able to see her parents as her true parents when she returned home early in the first season, and always seeing Vera as her mother. After Vera's death, she became unstable, and her actions became much more erratic, and illegal, committing a series of malicious murders. She eventually committed suicide in the final episode of the series, after being convicted of all crimes, and destroying any remaining family relationships that she had because she couldn't bear the thought of spending her life in jail.


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Season 1[edit]

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Season 3[edit]


  • Antigoni was credited in every episode of the 2nd season, but didn't appear at all during the second half of the season.