Antoine Ansiaux

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Portrait of Michel-Laurent de Sélys-Longchamps, Belgian politician, date unknown; now in the collection of the University of Liège

Jean Joseph Eleonora Antoine Ansiaux (1764 in Liège – 1840 in Paris) was a historical and portrait painter.


Ansiaux, was a pupil of Vincent, was born at Liège in 1764. His works, taken from sacred and profane history, and poetical subjects, are numerous, and place him among the best artists of the French school in the 19th century. He also painted portraits of several distinguished persons, ministers, and generals of Napoleon. He died at Paris in 1840.


His works include:


This article incorporates text from Bryan's Dictionary of Painters and Engravers by Michael Bryan, edited by Robert Edmund Graves and Sir Walter Armstrong, an 1886–1889 publication now in the public domain.