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Antoine Rault (born September 28, 1965) is a French playwright and novelist.

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Rault’s works deal with contemporary and historical themes.

He was awarded the Grand Prix de l’Académie Française for his play Le Caïman about Marxist philosopher Louis Althusser, who killed his wife after 30 years of marriage.


Antoine Rault was born in Paris. In 1967, he graduated from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris, where he studied literature and politics.

Subsequently, Antoine Rault worked for 15 years as a ghostwriter for the chairman of an international company and several French politicians. He was also a public relations advisor for a French minister.

Although his first play La Première Tête, which deals with the French king Louis XVI and the beginning of the French revolution, had been performed in 1989, Antoine Rault had to wait until the success of his second play, Le Caïman, to become a full-time writer.



Theater Plays[edit]


Le Caïman[edit]

Grand prix de l’Académie française 2006. Five Molière Award nominations in 2006, including Best Play

Le Diable Rouge[edit]

Two Molière Awards in 2009. Seven Molière Award nominations in 2009, including Best Play and Best Dramatist. Nomination Globes de Cristal 2009

Le Démon de Hannah[edit]

Nomination Globes de Cristal 2010. Molière Award nomination 2010.

Le Système[edit]

Three Molière Award nominations 2015

La danse des vivants[edit]

Prix Maurice-Genevoix 2017

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