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Anton Henning (born 1964 in Berlin) is a German artist who specializes in painting, sculpture and movies.

Life and work[edit]

Anton Henning lived in London until the late 1980s and then in New York City. From the mid-1990s, he had his first solo exhibitions. In 2007, along with his solo exhibition, he made a name for himself as an artistic designer of furniture and interiors.[1]

With series of his paintings, with sculptures and light sculptures and three-dimensional wall objects to form, together with purchased or self-designed furniture, wallpaper and carpets supplemented with self-produced music, space-filling salons. This walk and usable installation that are color coordinated, in turn result in a big picture, which is called a Henning "interior".

The motives of Henning's paintings, applied in a impasto, matte painting, as well as its "interior", do not deny their style of kitsch and find inspiration in Francis Picabia and Sigmar Polke. Henning draws an amorphous, ship propeller-like signet, often fit in a hiding place in his motifs.[2]

Anton Henning lives and works in Berlin.[1]


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