Anton Jörgen Andersen

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Anton Jörgen Andersen.

Anton Jørgen Andersen (Swedish:Anton Jörgen Andersen) (10 October 1845 – 9 September 1926) was a Norwegian composer and cellist.

Anton Jørgen Andersen was born in Kristiansand. Andersen was a pupil in counterpoint by Johan Lindegren (1842-1908), Swedish music theorist and hymn-book publisher. Andersen was a cellist in the theater orchestras of Trondheim and Kristiania (now Oslo).[1]

In 1871 Andersen was employed at the Royal Court Orchestra (Kungliga Hovkapellet) in Stockholm. He became first cellist and violinist in the court orchestra in Stockholm (kammarmusikus i hovkapellet) in 1876. From 1876 to 1911, Andersen taught cello and double bass at the Stockholm Conservatory, where he was appointed professor in 1912. In 1882 he became a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music (Kungliga Musikaliska Akademien).[2]

His compositions include a cello sonata (1877), a concert piece for cello and double bass, and five symphonies (one of which was scored for 14 cellos and 3 double basses), as well as pieces for piano and songs for male choir.