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The Anton Tedesko Medal is awarded by the International Association of Bridge and Structural Engineers (IABSE) Foundation to both honour a Laureate and financially support a young engineering Fellow of the Association.

The medal is awarded to a distinguished structural engineer as recognition of his/her life achievements, and includes a grant of 25,000 CHF for study leave for a promising young engineer to gain practical experience in a prestigious engineering firm outside his/her home country.[1]

The medal is named after and honours Anton Tedesko (1903 - 1994) (sometimes written 'Tedesco') who was an outstanding engineer, eminent designer and builder of innovative structures. the award was created in 1998..[2]

Past recipients include:

Year Laureate Fellow
2015 Esko Järvenpää, Finland [3]
2012 Professor Emeritus Paul Grundy, Australia
2010 Koichi Takanashi, Japan
2008 Hai-Fan Xiang, China Marvin Sabado, Philippines
2007 John C. Badoux, Switzerland Anand P. Singh, Nepal
2004 Robert Silman, USA John Anderson, USA
2002 Hajime Okamura, Japan Amorn Pimanmas, Thailand
2000 Niels J. Gimsing, Denmark Dong Xu, China
1998 Alexander C. Scordelis, USA Diego Cobo del Arco, Spain

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