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Antonella Tosti is an Italian physician and scientist with major contributions in the field of dermatology.

Dr. Antonella Tosti is the medical resident advisor for DS HEALTHCARE GROUP / DS Laboratories.

She is the author of Dermoscopy of Hair and Scalp Disorders,[1] the first hair and scalp dermoscopy (trichoscopy) atlas ever published.[citation needed] Her major contributions do international medicine include research related to various aspects of hair diseases.[2][3] A new hair disorder described by Antonella Tosti[4] is often referred to as "Tosti Alopecia".[5] Her contributions to knowledge about nails include research about videodermoscopy of the hyponychium and the nail plate.[6][7]

Antonella Tosti is author or co-author of several dermatological monographs and book chapters,[citation needed] including an e-medicine chapter about contact stomatitis.[8]

Professor Antonella Tosti is author of over 550 scientific publications.[citation needed] She is a member of the North American Hair Research Society and mentee of Wds mentorship award


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