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The obelisk commemorating Antonie Locatelli in the Garden of the Righteous in Warsaw

Antonia Locatelli (1937–1994) was an Italian Roman Catholic missionary educator who had lived in Rwanda since 1972. In 1994, she witnessed massacres of the Tutsis taking place in the Bugesera region, South of Kigali, soon after a radio broadcast had incited manhunting during the Rwandan genocide. In an attempt to save 300 to 400 Tutsis, she phoned up the Belgian embassy, RF1 Radio and the BBC. She was murdered the day afterwards by a group of presidential guards who had arrived from Kigali specifically for the purpose. She nonetheless had managed to inform outside authorities of the genocide taking place.

Locatelli was a member of a Roman Catholic missionary order and had taught school in Bugesera for 22 years.


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