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Antonia Malatesta of Cesena, also known as Antonia Malatesta of Rimini, was the daughter[1] (or possibly the niece[2]) of Carlo I Malatesta, Lord of Cesena, Fano, Pesaro, and Rimini. To help ally himself with the House of Malatesta, Giovanni Maria Visconti, the Duke of Milan married Antonia in the city of Brescia[1][3] in 1408.[4] They had no issue.[5] After Giovanni Maria’s assassination in 1412,[4] the succeeding Duke of Milan, Filippo Maria Visconti, permitted Antonia to continue sharing the governance of the duchy for a few months.[6][7] Although she soon retired to Cesena, she retained her title, Duchess of Milan.[6]

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Preceded by
Caterina Visconti
Duchess of Milan
Succeeded by
Beatrice Lascaris di Tenda