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Antonio D. James, (born June 3, 1985) is a Black American film director from Memphis, TN. He is most known for successfully producing and directing a $400,000 independent film for just $750 called "Trey the Movie" (2013). Trey the Movie went on to win several awards, screened locally in his hometown in Memphis, TN and obtain national underground attention.

Antonio James International Film Festival Award Winner Occupation: Film Director

Early life[edit]

Antonio James was born in Memphis, TN. He was raised by his mother and step-father in Northaven, but spent most of his teenage years in Hickory Hill with his father. He attended dozens of schools by his Freshmen year at Millington Central High School in Millington Central where he graduated in 2003.

Several months after graduation James enlisted in the United States Air Force. After one term, he return to his hometown of Memphis where hardships and lack of employment opportunities led him to discover a new hobby, Film making. With the help of his Uncle. He begin filming music videos for Media Workz and Catina Johnson, short films and commercials. Antonio talents as a Director was quickly recognized by the local community where he was hired as a contractor for the Memphis Veteran Affairs Medical Center Public Affairs Videographer. He also became the official videographer for Al Sharpton's National Action Network, Memphis Chapter under Gregory Grant. NAN: National Action Network[1] Wiki Page: National Action Network Video here: Al Sharpton - Against Consolidation in Memphis, TN [2] and Official Videographer for the non profit organization, Arize V Renaissance Center Inc, Arize V Renaissance Center Inc[3] to include their documentary:[4] Arize Documentary

Al Sharpton and Antonio James

Shortly after, James decided to quit providing video and recording services and start producing TV and Films. With help, he was able to produce and direct his first feature, Trey the Movie.[5] After completion Antonio moved to Los Angeles, where he currently resides.


James' 2013 film debut Trey the movie received International Films Award, from IFS, Texas Black film Festival and Action on Film International Film Festival in Monrovia, California.[6]

Since his move to Los Angeles in February 2013, Antonio James has been a background extra in Zac Efron's feature film "Neighbors (2014)IMDB Neighbors,[7] and General Hospital as the Background Trainer General Hospital Youtube of Antonio James on YouTube[8]



  • Trey the Movie (2013) - Feature
  • Pushing Through (2013 - Short
  • Father's Moment of Truth (2013) - Short
  • Free's Freedom (2013) - PSA Short for Domestic Violence
Antonio James accepting AOF festival award for Trey the Movie
Antonio with Bishop Don Juan


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