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Antonio Iturrioz is a Cuban born American classical pianist. He is a noted performer, documentarian and a piano teacher.[1]

Early life[edit]

Antonio was born in Cuba in the town of Havana. His teachers include his father Pablo Iturrioz, Francisco de Hoyos, Bernardo Segall(who was a pupil of Siloti), Aube Tzerko and Julian White. He has taken many master classes with Andre Watts, Alexis Weissenberg, Byron Janis and Jorge Bolet.

Musical style and Discography[edit]

Antonio gave his first performance at age 9 and his orchestral debut at age 15.[2] After an injury to his right hand in his early years, he took 3 years to recover when he studied the complete left hand transcriptions and original compositions of Leopold Godowsky. Antonio’s first documentary “The Art of the Left Hand: A Brief History of Left Hand Piano Music”,[3] was the result of his many years of studying the left hand piano repertoire and Godowsky was the central figure. In 2010 Antonio created a documentary called "The Buddha of the Piano - Leopold Godowsky"[4][5] based on his research into the composers life and music. The documentary has been shown on public television across the United States.[6] Antonio is a Steinway Artist [7] Antonio is the Director of the New International Godowsky Society.[8] In September 2018, Antonio released a new album on the Steinway Label named Gottschalk and Cuba,[9] which contains the first ever recording of A Night in the Tropics, Symphony Romantique, with both movements on piano.

Personal life[edit]

Antonio is married and lives with his wife in the Russian River Area of Sonoma, California.


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