Antonio Maria Mazzoni

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Antonio Maria Mazzoni (4 January 1717 – 8 December 1785) was an Italian composer.[1][2]

Born in Milan, the son of a clockmaker, Mazzoni first gained an interest in music at the age of six, and at age fifteen, was sent to study under Swiss German musician and composer, Johann von Griesemer, under who he studied under for three years until 1735. In 1735, he moved to Paris, where he spent the next five years working in multiple high-profile theatres, steadily honing his craft, especially under the mentorship of one particular, Jacques Saint-Antonine before moving to Great Britain, where he spent three years composing music for the King at the time, George II before returning to Milan in 1743. He spent nearly the last ten years of his life in Rome, where he died on 8 December 1785 at the age of 68, perhaps following a stroke.



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