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Antonio Napolitano (Naples 1928 – 2014), was an Italian film critic.

Antonio Napolitano


From 1947 to 1959, Napolitano was a member and subsequently an executive of the «Circolo napoletano del cinema» and other cineclubs.

In 1959, after teaching English, he went to England to get his degree in General linguistics.

From 1956 he has been contributing with essays to literature and cinema magazines: .( L’Italia Letteraria, Fr., Il Letterato, Cs., L’Altro Cinema, Mi., Cinema Sud a.s.o.).

In 1960, he won the Pasinetti-Cinema Nuovo Price, Venice, prize for an essay on Ingmar Bergman and started writing for Cinema Nuovo (Mi.), Civiltà dell’immagine (Florence) and, later on, for Film critica (Rome) a.s.o.

In 1961, he was appointed an ordinary teacher of English Literature in Italian High Schools.

By these reviews he has been sent to Mostra di Venezia and festivals in Locarno, Karlovy Vary and some others.

In 1969, he took a in “Film history and criticism” and taught for several years in State and private Universities.

Since 1963 up to 1975, he was in the Managing Committee of the Incontri internazionali del Cinema in Sorrento and of Italian Centre of Filmology.

Several of his essays have been translated into Danish, English, Russian, American and quoted in foreign books on Cinema.

Napolitano died on 31 March 2014, in Naples, after a long illness.


In English[edit]

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In Italian[edit]

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